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Accent Skin Tightening


Vi Peel Los AngelesMost of us have “problem areas” on our bodies where we would like to have firmer and tighter skin. Cellulite is a related issue that is usually difficult to improve with diet and exercise alone. The Accent Radiofrequency Thermotherapy is a revolutionary treatment for skin tightening. Accent treatments are non-invasive and require no anesthesia or downtime.

Accent Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy treatments treats loose, wrinkled skin and cellulite anywhere on the body. The treatment is often used for firming thin, loose and crepe-like skin often found on the arms. abdomen and thighs.

how the ACCENT dual-layer RF THERMOTHERAPY works

Accent vs. Thermage

Accent is a new alternative in skin treatment based upon Dual-layer RF (radio frequency) Thermotherapy. Unlike Thermage which uses only monopolar radiofrequency, the Accent system uses two types of radiofrequency technology: Unipolar and Bipolar. This unique dual radio frequency combination provides controlled tissue heating to two distinct depths of tissue. Another difference is price. Thermage treatments are usually much more expensive because of the high cost to the provider of parts that must be disposed of after each treatment. Accent treatments involve no disposable parts, thus the lower price that can be offered to the patient.

The Process

Accent treatment provides gentle and thorough heating deep into the skin. Circular motions of the treatment handpiece and non-invasive temperature monitoring ensure that heating is uniform. As the dermis increases in temperature, a natural reaction occurs that promotes the creation of new collagen. The result: a return to the smooth, shapely and elastic skin.

Before and After photos

Vi Peel Treatments

Vi Peel Treatments

Pricing Information*

Abdomen 150
Upper Arms 150
Thighs 175
Buttocks 175
Package of 6 Tx 15% off
Package of 11 or more Tx 20% off

*package of 6 or more treatments is recommended

accent rf thermotherapy F.A.Q.’s

1) What is it like to receive an Accent treatment?

The Accent’s handpiece is applied in a circular motion to the part of the body being treated. Heat is transmitted to the dermis and subcutaneous layers of skin with the radiofrequency energy but discomfort is minimal. Depending on the size of the treated area, a treatment may take up to 45 minutes. There are no activity restrictions after the procedure.

2) Am I a good candidate for Accent treatment?

Accent is a safe and well-tolerated procedure in all skin types and colors.  However, radiofrequency technology is not a substitute for surgery in patients with more severe skin looseness who may need a tummy tuck, thigh lift or arm lift.  For long term reduction of cellulite with one procedure, or for more severe cellulite, Cellulaze is recommended.

3) Is Accent safe?

Accent Dual-Layer Radiofrequency incorporates multiple safety features. Unlike treatment with lasers for skin tightening, the energy is not concentrated on the surface of the skin but is diffused deep into the skin, greatly decreasing the risk of severe side effects.

4) When should I see results?

Accent Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy causes the deep structures of your skin to tighten right away; results are often immediately visible. The long term results are based on the development of new collagen fibers and are progressive over 6-12 months.  6-12 treatments every 2-4 weeks followed by a booster treatment every 6 months produce and maintain optimal results.  A single treatment is unlikely to lead to visible improvement.

5) Is it painful?

Although pain perception is individual, most patients have little or no discomfort with Accent treatment. The sensation is best described as a hot massage.

6) Who will perform the treatment?

Accent is performed by supervised medical assistants.