Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal Los AngelesLaser hair removal can give you skin that is permanently smooth and without the need for shaving or waxing. At Celebrity Laser Spa (CLS), laser hair removal is customized to each patient’s individual skin type and hair color to achieve optimal results safely.

Laser hair removal works by using high-intensity light that preferentially targets the hair and destroys the follicle, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. The hair removal procedure is performed with the Palomar Starlux IPL (Intense Pulsed Light device). The Starlux provides excellent results with minimal to no pain and without the need for messy gels. Settings are adjustable to treat both light and dark skin types.

Understanding Hair Growth

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Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments (usually 6). The reason for this is that most of our hair follicles at any point in time are dormant and not producing hair, except during the active growth phase. The dormant follices are not affected by laser light. When those hair follicles come out of dormancy into active growth, they can be damaged by the laser light. After several treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart, most follicles can be treated. Typically 80-90% long-term hair reduction can be achieved in good candidates for laser hair removal.

Pricing information

Single Treatment Prepay Package take 17% off when getting a package of 6 or more
 for 6 tx:
Lips (upper and lower) each $75 $373
Lower lip/chin $100 $498
Upper/Lower lip & chin $150 $747
Full Face $225 $1,121
Neck (front or back) $125 $623
Center Brow $50 $249
Sideburns (both) $100 $498
Underarms (both) $125 $623
Chest (full) $200 $996
Chest & Abdomen $300 $1494
Bikini $125-200 $622-996
Abdomen (full) $200 $996
Full Legs (both) $500 $2490
Lower Legs (Inc. Knee) $300 $1494
Thighs (Not Inc. Knee) $350 $1743
Feet & toes (both) $100 $498
Hands & Fingers $125 $623
Forearms (both) $200 $996
Full arms (both) $300 $1494
Ears $75 $374
Full back $325 $1619
Shoulders/Upper back $200 $996
Lower back $165 $822
0% Financing

Hair removal FAQs

Palomar Starlux IPL1) How does laser hair removal work?

Laser light damages hairs and their hair follicles, making them unable to grow new hair. Several treatments are needed to capture both active and dormant hair follicles.

2) How good are the results of laser hair removal?

After 2-3 treatments, noticeably less hair will begin to regrow. Although it is not possible to achieve 100% hair reduction, most clients achieve satisfactory hair reduction after 6 or few treatments. Occasionally, additional treatments or touch-ups are necessary. Dark, coarse hair on light skin responds best to treatment but there are also individual factors that affect one’s response to treatment.

3) How frequently do I need treatments?

Depending on the body area, laser treatment is done every 1 to 2 months.

4) Who performs the treatments?

One of our Physician Assistants or Nurse Practioners, will perform your treatments.

5) Does the procedure hurt?

With the Starlux IPL, treatment is almost pain-free!

6) What happens after each treatment?

There may be mild redness of the skin immediately after treatments which resolves quickly. You can resume your normal activities right away but should avoid sun exposure and use a high SPF sunblock to protect the skin from hyperpigmentation. There may be a temporary period of relative hairlessness before your next treatment as hairs shed in the treated area.

7) Who is a candidate for hair removal by laser?

Although the ideal skin type for hair removal has light skin and dark hair, almost anyone is a potential candidate for laser hair removal with the Starlux IPL. Even patients with dark or tanned skin respond well to treatment. Blonde or white hair is unreliable in its response to laser hair removal.

8) Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my treatment?

If possible, It is best to have short stubble in the area where you will have laser treatment by shaving a day or so before your appointment. Having stubble makes it easier to hit every growing hair.

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