picosure vs. medlite photo thumb

Picosure vs. Medlite C6 Split Tattoo Removal Study – Immediate Differences Evident

picosure vs. medlite photo

This is a photo of a tattoo just after half and half treatment with Picosure laser on the right and Medlite C6 Q-switched laser on the left.  Notice the difference in the frosting!  It seems like the shading in the middle of the tattoo and most of the rays were completely obliterated in one treatment!  This photo helps show how the Picosure really is more effective than standard Q-switched tattoo removal.

This patient is enrolled in the Picosure vs. Medlite Study and so is getting half the tattoo removed with one laser and half with the other.  There’s an opportunity to finish up the treatment with the Picosure at the end of the 5 study treatments.


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