Rapid Laser Tattoo Removal

The Picosure Laser

Dr. Alex Kaplan began a medical practice dedicated to tattoo removal in 2005 as the “Tattoo MD.” Experience, advanced technology and knowledgeable staff have made Celebrity Laser Spa & Surgery Center (CLS) one of the most popular destinations in the world for laser tattoo removal. CLS is the first practice in Southern California, and currently the only in west Los Angeles, to offer rapid laser tattoo removal with the revolutionary Picosure Laser.

Picosure is the first major technologic advance in laser tattoo removal in 20 years, and here is why:

  • Much faster laser pulse vs. previous Q-switched lasers
  • Much more thorough ink particle destruction
  • Much faster removal of most tattoo inks
  • Much more effective for blues and greens
  • Will usually clear even resistant tattoos that have stopped fading in response to other lasers

Dr. Kaplan on The Doctors with Picosure


How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Laser Tattoo removal works by causing the ink in the skin to “fracture.” These smaller ink particles are then removed by the body’s immune system. The tattoo is faded gradually with each treatment. The tattoo pigment destruction is much more complete with Picosure than with standard YAG tattoo removal lasers.

picosure tattoo removal los angeles

Photo is of a Picosure vs. Medlite study patient showing differences between the two lasers after 4 treatments (sides as marked). Please note that although ink remains on the Picosure side, it is only present in the heaviest linework, which requires more laser treatments than other parts of tattoos.

Picosure Tattoo Removal Photo

Picosure Los Angeles

 ND:YAG (Medlite) Tattoo Removal

Although Picosure is the best option for most tattoo removals, CLS also offers conventional (YAG) laser tattoo removal. YAG laser tattoo removal may be utilized over Picosure removal for several reasons:

    • Red ink – better removed with YAG
    • Darkly pigmented skin – more lightening is expected with Picosure than with YAG for black tattoos
    • Expense – Picosure is priced higher than Medlite

Contact Celebrity Laser Spa for a free laser tattoo removal consultation and find out which treatment is best for you.

Dr. Kaplan Volunteered to Have a Tattoo Placed and Removed – Results of 12 Treatments with the Medlite C6:
tattoo removal los angeles

11 Treatments With Medlite C6


Celebrity Laser Spa is one of the only doctor’s offices in Los Angeles to safely perform laser removal of cosmetic tattoos.  For information about removing cosmetic tattoos (tattooed eyebrows or eyeliner), see the cosmetic tattoo removal page.


  • Medlite: 1 Treatment – $39 Per Sq. In, $75 minimum), 6th Inch & Up – $19 Per Sq. In.
  • Picosure: 1 Treatment – $79 Per Sq. In., $300 minimum, 6th inch & Up – $39 Per Sq. In.
    • $300 minimum will cover a tattoo about the size of 4 regular postage stamps
  • Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos $125 per treatment for both
  • Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoos: $350 per treatment for upper and lower, $299 for uppers or lower (see here for more info)
  • 5-10 Medlite Treatments – 15% OFF, 10 or More Medlite Treatment Package Discount – 20% OFF
  • 3-5 Picosure Treatment Package discount – 15% OFF, 6 or more – 20% OFF
  • Large tattoos (20 square inches or more) – custom pricing, please call
  • (0% Financing Available)


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the laser tattoo removal hurt?

The discomfort of laser tattoo removal is often described as a “rubber band snapping the skin” but can vary from patient to patient. We do our utmost to minimize any pain or discomfort possible. We use a Zimmer Chiller (cold air blower) to cool the area being treated. We also use high-strength topical numbing cream which is highly effective.
How much will laser tattoo removal cost?

Please see the price list above. During your consultation, we will measure your tattoo and make an estimate of the number of treatments needed to remove it. For very large tattoos, such as sleeves, per square inch pricing does not apply, and we will give you a custom price based on the complexity and size of the tattoo.

How many treatments does it take to remove a tattoo?

Every tattoo responds differently due to a number of variables. There are variations in ink colors and their chemical compositions, depth and density of ink placement, skin type and individual immune system factors. Predicting how many treatments any particular tattoo will require is an educated guess. During your consultation, your clinician will make an estimate of the number of tattoo removal sessions needed to remove your tattoo. Picosure laser treatment generally will work 2-3 times faster than Medlite laser treatment.

How frequently can I return for more treatments?

Tattoo fading is a slow process and depends on participation by your body’s immune system to work. We recommend that you wait at least 4-6 weeks to get the greatest value from each laser treatment. As the tattoo gets very faded, waiting longer periods, is frequently recommended.

What is the aftercare like?

During laser treatment, your tattoo may turn white briefly. It then swells somewhat and may turn red, but this usually lasts only a few hours. It is important to keep that tattoo covered with ointment and a bandage for the first day. Usually, it feels like a mild sunburn and does not hurt unless rubbed against. Between your treatments, it is important to keep the tattoo covered from the sun to prevent hyperpigmentation (darkening). You will receive detailed instructions during your appointment.

What are the side effects?

The type of laser used for tattoo removal does not typically leave scars, although there is a small chance of this. You should inform our doctor or physician assistant if you have a tendency to form abnormal scars or keloids. Hyperpigmentation means a temporary darkening in the skin from inflammation caused by laser treatment. Hypopigmentation occurs occasionally in response to loss of melanin in the skin and is more common in darker skin types when treated with Picosure or in red tattoos when treated with the Medlite.

Who performs the laser tattoo removal CLS?

Our physician assistants and nurse practitioner perform the laser treatments at CLS.
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to set up a FREE CONSULTATION.

More Results (Picosure & Medlite)

Picosure Tattoo Removal

Picosure Tattoo Removal Los Angeles

tattoo removal los angeles

laser tattoo removal los angeles laser tattoo removal los angeles

mutlicolor tattoo removal before and after

note some loss of skin pigment due to treating blue ink

laser tattoo removal los angeles laser tattoo removal los angeles phototattoo removal los angeles

From Yelp:

I have been going there for tattoo removal. I started out with Q-switch laser.
And then, they got Picosure!!!!!!!!! The result with this new machine is AMAZING!
If you are thinking about tattoo removal, please try Picosure at CLS.
Their staff is amazing, and service is amazing. And yes, it seems like Picosure takes out my tattoos 4 times faster than Q-switch.
Now I am so hopeful that my tattoos will be gone in near future!