Dr. Alex Kaplan has specifically focused his cosmetic surgery practice on body contouring. He is an expert in this niche field and performs hundreds of procedures every year.

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is a surgical procedure where your own fat is used for volumizing, rather than synthetic implants or temporary fillers.  You can add roundness to buttocks (commonly called the Brazilian Butt Lift), and volume to the hips, breasts or face.

This exciting procedure is very safe and yields long lasting, natural looking results.

Fat transfer can be a stand-alone procedure or an add-on service to VIP Lipo. Fat that is removed from the hips and belly is then injected into the desired areas during the same visit.

How Fat Transfer works

  • Unwanted fat is removed and collected from such areas as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.
  • Your fat is processed to remove any contaminants.
  • Micro-droplets of your purified fat are precisely delivered to your chosen body areas.

Areas For Fat Transfer

  • Buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift)
  • Face (to correct volume loss from aging)
  • Correction of mild body asymmetries
  • Breasts – see breast fat transfer page

Los Angeles Brazilian Butt LIft

Breast Fat Transfer Los Angeles

Fat Transfer Technique & Results

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cheekbone fat transfer los angeles


Brazilian Fat Transfer to Buttocks

fat transfer pricing

Fat Transfer – 1 area as add-on service to same day VIP Lipo procedure (includes PRP) $1600
Fat Transfer – fat transfer to the face without VIP Lipo (includes PRP) $2400
0% Financing Available


Prices may be subject to change without notice.

Call us at 310-312-1231 with any questions or schedule your consultation to see if Fat Transfer is right for you.

Fat Transfer FAQ

Who performs the Fat Transfer at Celebrity Laser Spa?

All fat transfer treatments are performed by Dr. Alex Kaplan, from the consultation to the procedure itself.

How long does the transferred fat last?

Although individual results may vary, 40-70% of transferred fat lasts indefinitely. Tickle Lipo fat transfer techniques are relatively new, but preliminary data indicates an even better long-term result. According to a paper presented at the International Stem Cell Symposium in August, 2011, fat removed by Tickle Lipo technique showed 90% viable fat cells compared to 72% for conventional liposuction fat harvesting. There was also triple the number of fat-derived stem cells in the Tickle Lipo samples.  Platelet rich plasma addition to the transferred fat helps by promoting the viability and growth of the cells.

Do I need to keep from sitting if I get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Since the fat is injected in the upper and middle buttocks, it is fine to sit on a flat surface for the first month. You must also sleep on your stomach or sides at night during that period. This protects the transferred fat from being crushed during the critical early period.

What are the special issues related to breast fat transfer?

One’s own fat is an ideal and natural method of breast augmentation.  There is no scientific evidence that doing this leads to any medical problems later in life.  However, breast fat transfer has not been rigorously studied to prove that there is no increased risk of breast cancer.  Also, there is a small chance that micro-calcifications that may or may not occur due to the fat transfer which could then be mistaken for cancer cells on a mammogram.  This could in turn lead to an unnecessary breast biopsy to rule out cancer.  Radiologists are not uniformly able to differentiate cancer cell microcalcifications from those due to breast fat transfer.

Is the procedure painful?

Just as with fat removal with Tickle Lipo, anesthetic solution is injected under the skin where the fat is to be transferred. This makes the Brazilian Butt Lift and other fat transfer procedures very comfortable despite being fully awake. There is very little discomfort after the procedure and a mild pain killer is typically used for the first couple of days. For facial fat transfer, only a small amount of fat is harvested during a quick fat removal procedure. The face is also anesthetized with local anesthetic to make it comfortable.

Is fat transfer expensive?

Cosmetic procedures requiring significant skill, expertise and specialized equipment do carry some costs. To assist our patients, Celebrity Laser Spa offers various payment and financing options.

Will there be stitches or scars?

Tiny 1 mm punches are used to make the entry holes for the cannula sites and for fat injection into the body. On the face these are even smaller. They to virtually invisible dots without the need for stitches.

How long do I need to wear compression garments for?

Compression garments are usually worn for the first 3 weeks for Brazilian Butt Lift and body fat transfer procedures. No compression garments are needed for facial fat transfer.

What are the alternatives to facial fat transfer?

Dr. Kaplan also performs Sculptra, which is especially useful for patients without adequate fat for transfer or who do not wish to undergo the fat transfer procedures. Other facial fillers are also an option.

Can I get a free consultation?

Yes. Dr. Kaplan will go over the procedure, as well as its risks, benefits, and alternatives. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaplan to see if fat transfer is right for you.

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