“Dermal fillers” (also called Injectable Fillers) are a safe and popular treatment to reduce wrinkles and increase youthful facial fullness.*  Our aim is to meet your aesthetic goals, but to do so in a subtle, natural looking way.*


At Celebrity Laser & Surgery Center, we use only authentic FDA-approved fillers made by Allergan, Galderma and Merz Aesthetics.*

Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero:

  • made from hyaluronic acid, which is a substance naturally found in the skin*
  • can last 6-12 months*
  • used for lip plumping – thin or aged lips can be filled for extra volume, poutiness or definition*
  • facial folds – nasolabial folds (smile lines), marionette lines (about the chin), smoker’s lines, others*
  • under the eyes (preferably Restylane or Belotero)*

 Juvederm Voluma:

  • long-lasting filler that shows results right away*
  • indicated for midface filling/lifting*
  • lasts up to 2 years according to studies*


  • used to smooth wrinkles and fill in deeper areas for augmentation*
  • preferred choice of fillers when trying to increase cheekbone prominence, enlarge the chin, smooth out bridge of the nose irregularities, or to provide very long-lasting wrinkle filling*
  • typically lasts 1-2 years*

To ensure our patients are comfortable during treatment, a topical numbing cream or numbing injection is applied prior to treatment.* Both Juvederm Ultra XC and Voluma XC contain lidocaine anesthetic as part of the filling material, greatly improving comfort for minimal additional cost.*

To minimize the risk of bruising, patients should not be on aspirin or other blood thinners prior to treatment. After treatment, there may be some bruising and swelling that lasts a few days, but often less.*

The Microcannula Technique

The use of microcannulas is an advanced injection technique used by the highly skilled clinicians of CLS.* Blunt tipped microcannulas, as thin as needles, are used in selected filler treatments to minimize bruising, decrease discomfort and maintain a greater control over the depth of injection.* If indicated, your clinician will inform you if a microcannula should be used.

cheekbone voluma los angelesTear Trough Restylane Injection Los AngelesJuvederm Voluma Los Angeles Radiesse Cheekbones Los AngelesRadiesse Chin Injection Los Angeles

See additional photos in the before and after photo gallery page.

Non-surgical facelift and augmentation

As the face ages, supporting structures may atrophy, causing a “tired” or “hollowed out” appearance. A long-lasting dermal filler, such as Radiesse, Juvederm or Voluma, is a great fix for this problem!* Cheekbones can be raised in prominence, a chin or nose that is irregular or not projecting enough can be better-defined with this treatment.*  If you are contemplating plastic surgery, such as a facelift or facial implants, consider Radiesse or Voluma as less invasive alternatives in mild cases.*

Are fillers right for you?

At CLS, we customize treatment for each individual patient’s specific needs. Our Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioner are experts in this procedure and we are confident you will be happy with your results.*

Please contact us to schedule a CONSULTATION to see if dermal fillers are right for you.

Dermal Fillers Pricing Info*


Product Amt. Cost
BELOTERO 1 ml Syringe 499
RADIESSE 1.5 ml Syringe 599
JUVEDERM Ultra XC 1 ml Syringe 525
JUVEDERM Ultra Plus XC 1 ml Syringe 550
JUVEDERM Voluma 1 ml Syringe

add’l syrg



Restylane 1 ml Syringe 525

0% Financing Available. Contact us for more information or a consultation.

For more information, see the dermal fillers category on the CLS Blog!

*Additional injections used as a touch up after 2 weeks or for a different area on a different appointment incur a $175 charge.

*Results may vary; no guarantees.