An Injectable Treatment to Reduce Fat of the Upper Neck

Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is FDA-approved to reduce submental fat (fat of the upper neck).*  Kybella is a new option to reduce fat in this area as an alternative to traditional liposuction or smartlipo.*


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  • Improves jaw contour *
  • More youthful look *
  • Non-surgical treatment *
  • Results are gradual and long lasting *
  • No “down-time” *

What to expect

Kybella begins with photographs of the neck followed by application of numbing cream for 30-60 minutes. Tylenol or motrin are also usually taken at this time.*  At the start of treatment, the submental area is marked with a make-up pencil and then local anesthetic (lidocaine) is injected.  The Kybella itself is then injected in a precise grid-like pattern that fits the shape of the fat to be reduced.*

After treatment, there is mild discomfort usually lasting 15 minutes.*  Ice helps greatly.*  There is typically swelling for about a week which is essentially the same as the original fat dimensions.

Additional treatments are performed in 6-8 week intervals.  Most patients need 2-3 treatments and usually need 2-3 vials per treatment.*  The number of vials needed is based on the size of the area to be treated.*

*Results may vary; no guarantees.


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  • 1 vial treatment $599

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*Results may vary; no guarantees.