What it is

Levulan is a topically-applied chemical that can provide long-term acne reduction.*  After several treatments, most patients achieve a significant reduction in acne and acne breakouts.*  After the levulan is applied to the face, the patient sits under a blue light, the BLU-U for a specified time period, incubating. Sebaceous glands that produce acne are preferentially injured from the treatment.*  Patients of all skin types are candidates for Levulan treatment.*

How it works

levulan for acne

Levulan binds to bacteria found in certain sebaceous glands.*  Levulan is also sensitive to visible light, especially blue light.*  The localized inflammation at the acne-producing sebaceous glands produced by the interaction of light and Levulan leads to selective injury of these glands.*  Redness peaks by the next days and usually subsides after a few days.*

Acne Levulan Los Angeles

What can I expect?

  • Redness for 1-5 days*
  • Must avoid sun exposure or bright light for 36 hours after treatment*
  • There is a chance of a temporary breakout*
  • Noticeable acne reduction after 2-4 weeks*
  • Treatments may be repeated 3-6 times on a monthly basis for optimal effect*

*Results may vary; no guarantees.

Appointments & Pricing

  • $250 + cost of Levulan*

Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

*Your PPO insurance may cover Levulan prescription used for treatment.  If it is not covered, the additional cost is $250/session.

*Results may vary; no guarantees.