Men who are considering improving there appearance have particular needs and goals that we strive to satisfy at CLS.*  Men’s cosmetic considerations frequently differ from women’s in the following aspects:

  • The desire for the change in appearance to be gradual*
  • Minimal downtime*
  • A single, long-lasting treatment*

Services of particular interest to men

Body Contouring

los angeles coolsculpting abs male
Men who have love handles or an extra pack of fat in the abdomen may select Coolsculpting if they are looking for a zero-downtime procedure that gives significant reduction in fat bulges.* There is almost no pain and no lost work.*  On the other hand, VIP Lipo is a good option for the man who wants it all done in one procedure with minimal downtime.*

Injectable treatments

voluma for cheeks in men los angeles
Botox is performed slightly differently for men than women.* For instance, men do not want to have their eyebrows arched.*  Care must also be taken with treating the horizontal forehead lines to ensure that the brows remain in a proper position.*  Men typically like to avoid the “frozen” or “glossy” look.*


Radiesse Chin Injection Los Angeles

Dermal Fillers are a particular area of interest for men, especially in the midface and temples.*  Volume loss from aging tends to age by making the cheekbones and temples appear hollow.* Adding back volume with Juvederm, Voluma or Radiesse can take years off a man’s appearance instantly.* Chin augmentation is a simple and straightforward procedure with Radiesse.* Our use of microcannulas for filler treatment makes bruising and swelling a much less common problem than was previously seen with needles.*

Sculptra is a nice alternative to fillers, especially when men are looking for a gradual change that will not surprise anyone.* The procedure is performed over several treatments yielding the ultimate results after several months.*

Cosmetic Laser

laser hair removal los angeles

Laser hair removal remains a popular cosmetic procedure.*  Men often treat back, shoulder, neck or other areas.* Having a permanent solution with the powerful Vectus laser, is particularly attractive to men, when the other choice is shaving frequently.*


juvederm los angeles


When it comes to resurfacing for acne scars and fine wrinkles, dermapen microneedling offers an effective treatment with minimal downtime of redness and a low-risk of complications, yet is very effective.*


At Celebrity Laser & Surgery Center, we understand that men and women have different needs and concerns when it comes to cosmetic treatments. We look forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals!  Please call 310-312-1231 or contact us to schedule a consultation!

*Results may vary; no guarantees.