People with sagging cheeks and deep folds around the nose and mouth, may appear unhappy.* This procedure corrects pronounced nasolabial folds and drooping corners of the mouth.* It restores a smooth, youthful look to the lower eyelids and cheeks.* It is particularly effective for patients seeking cheek elevation when the neck and areas beneath the chin do not require lifting.*


During a mid-facelift, small, deep incisions are made in the muscle tissue of the face. Once the incisions are made, the doctor adjusts the fat and muscle tissue, pulling up the middle of the face to smooth and tighten the skin. The incisions are then sutured and the healing process begins.


After a mid-facelift, typical recovery time is about one week or less.* This procedure is more focused and less invasive than a standard facelift or deep plane facelift.* Mid-facelift patients experience quicker results with less bruising and swelling.*

*Results may vary; no guarantees.