Patient rights will be exercised without regard to sex, culture, economic, educational or religious background or the source of payment for his or her care.

1.    Considerate and respectful care.
2.    Appropriate privacy.
3.   Patient disclosures and records are treated confidentially, and, except when required by law, patients are given the opportunity to approve or refuse their release.
4.  Patients are provided to the degree known, complete information concerning their diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and prognosis.  When it is medically inadvisable to give such information to a patient, the information is provided to a person designated by the patient or to a legally authorized person.
5. Patients are given the opportunity to participate in decisions involving their health care, except when such participation is contraindicated for medical reasons.
6.   Information is available to patients and staff regarding:
a)  Patient rights
b)  Patient conduct and responsibilities
c)  Services available at the Surgery Center
d)  Provisions for after-hour and emergency care
e)  Fees for services
f)  Payment policies
g)  Patient’s right to refuse to participate in experimental research
h)  Advance directives, as required by state or federal law and regulations
i)  Credentials of health care professionals
7.  Prior to receiving care, patients are informed of Patient Responsibilities (see Patient Responsibilities).
8.  Patients are informed of their right to change their provider if other qualified providers are available.
9.  Marketing or advertising regarding the competence and capabilities of the organization is not misleading.
10. Patients are provided with appropriate information regarding the absence of malpractice insurance coverage.
11. Patients are informed about procedures for expressing    suggestions, complaints and grievances, including those required by state and federal regulations.
12. This Center will take appropriate steps to ensure that persons with disabilities, including persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or blind, or who have other sensory or manual impairments, have an equal opportunity to participate in our services, activities, programs and other benefits.
13.  You have the right to know that this surgery center is an incorporation of a collective group (which may include your physician) formed for the benefit of the community.  The Center wishes to make you aware that your surgeon may have a financial interest in this Center.  Others may also have an investment interest in the Center.  As a matter of choice, you have the right to choose to have your recommended surgery at other locations.


Patient Responsibilities


1.    Patients have the responsibility to provide accurate and complete information about current and past illnesses, medications, including over-the-counter products and dietary supplements and any allergies or sensitivities and any other matters pertaining to their health.

2.    Patients have the responsibility to follow the treatment plan recommended by their practitioner or express concerns regarding their ability to comply.
3.    Patients are responsible to provide a responsible adult to transport him/her home from the facility and remain with him/her for 24 hours, if required by his/her provider.
4.    Patients have the responsibility to inform his/her provider about any living will, medical power of attorney, or other directive that could affect his/her care.
5.    Patients accept personal financial responsibility for any charges not covered by his/her insurance.
6.    Patients are to be respectful of all health care providers and staff, as well as other patients.
7.    Patients are responsible for their actions if they refuse treatment or do not follow the practitioner’s instructions.
8.    Patients have the responsibility to arrive as scheduled for appointments and to cancel in advance appointments they cannot keep.
9.    Patients have the responsibility to become informed of the scope of basic services offered, the costs, and the necessity for medical insurance and to actively seek clarification of any aspect of participation in the Surgery Center’s services and programs that is not understood.

Patient Complaint or Grievance


If you have a problem or complaint, please speak to the receptionist or your caregiver.  We will address your concern(s) promptly.
If necessary, your problem or complaint will be routed to the Office Manager and/or Medical Director for resolution.  You will receive a letter or phone call to inform you of the actions taken to address your complaint.
If you are not satisfied with the response of the Surgery Center, you may contact:

Alex Kaplan, MD
Celebrity Laser Spa
11661 San Vicente Blvd, Suite #101
Los Angeles, CA  90049
310. 312. 1231


180 Howard St., Ste. 340
San Francisco CA  94105
415.  882. 5151