PrecisionTx is a one-time one-hour minimally invasive procedure to tighten the skin of the neck.* Until now, the only way to tighten neck skin was with invasive neck lift surgery or with non-invasive energy or laser treatments.* Invasive procedures have more downtime and leave scars on the skin.* Non-invasive procedures, although safe, produce much less of a result and are less satisfying.* PrecisionTx produces results in the neck on the level of surgery without the long scars or downtime.*  

PrecisionTx uses a fine laser fiber to melt the fat and tighten the skin of the neck.* Pain is controlled through local anesthesia – sedation is not needed for the vast majority of patients.*  The procedure itself takes about an hour.*  Afterwards, special dressings are worn on the neck for about 6 days, along with a compression garment at night.*  

After the procedure, there is usually mild drainage onto dressings. Pain is mild and controllable with prescription pain medicine.* Tapes placed after the procedure must be left on for 6 days for optimal results. Skin tightening is seen right away but also increases over several months.*  

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$2990 for neck*

*can be treated as an “area” as part of VIP Lipo

*Results may vary; no guarantees.