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Social Media: Instagram & Facebook Posting by Nev Schulman:
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E! network: “Christina Milian Turned Up,” Episode 3. Christina and her sister Liz visit Celebrity Laser Spa for laser tattoo removal:

POPSUGAR NOW: Host Kirbie Johnson does a feature segment about tattoo removal at Celebrity Laser Spa.

CBS-LA: Celebrity Laser Spa featured in a local news segment on the Dermapen:

THE DOCTORS:  Dr. Kaplan of Celebrity Laser Spa on a recent segment of “The Doctors” demonstrating Picosure tattoo removal:

THE HOLLYWOOD MIX:  Celebrity Laser Spa featured on the entertainment news show, “The Hollywood Mix.”  Host Jillian Reynolds gets a Picosure tattoo removal treatment at CLS:

UNIVISION:  On Univision Channel 34 Los Angeles, “Nuevo tratamiento para borrar tatuajes” (“New way to erase tattoos”) features Dr. Kaplan demonstrating Picosure tattoo removal at Celebrity Laser Spa.

MTV NETWORK:  “The Long & Short of Body Hair,” television news special, featuring Dr. Kaplan demonstrating laser hair removal at Celebrity Laser Spa:

AMERICA NOW NEWS television segment with Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic:  “Tattoo Remorse: more people looking to erase their ink.”
Aesthetic Guide Magazine: Nov/Dec 2014 issue, the article, “Dermapen 3’s Advanced Technology Addresses Wide Range of Aesthetic Indications” featuring Dr. Kaplan

aesthetic guide cover

Aesthetic Guide Magazine:  Nov/Dec 2012 Issue, the article, “Automated Microneedling Rivals Energy-Based Tx” featuring Dr. Kaplan and Celebrity Laser Spa’s Use of Dermapen.
 Dermapen Article with Dr. Kaplan

Be Well Expo: Los Angeles Convention Center, Sept. 29-30, 2012, Dr. Kaplan was a featured speaker on the Dermapen.

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Other Press Interviews and Articles featuring Celebrity Laser Spa & Dr. Kaplan

Celebrity Laser Spa is featured in Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery, a leading resource about liposuction and tummy tuck.

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Dr. Kaplan doing laser tattoo removal