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Sculptra is an injectable treatment that offers long-lasting rejuvenation to combat wrinkles, drooping and facial atrophy.* Unlike dermal fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, Sculptra is considered a “collagen stimulator”.* That means that rather than plumping up the skin with an injected gel that goes away over time, Sculptra induces the production of new collagen.*

Sculptra is provided with a series of injections, 3 vials on average, over several months. This allows results to be fine-tuned and for effects to be achieved gradually, without an over-done or operated-on look.* Results will last typically for at least 26 months.*

*Results may vary; no guarantees.


Sculptra Los Angeles

Los Angeles Sculptra Before and After

Sculptra Los Angeles Before and After

Sculptra is most remarkable for rebuilding lost facial volume from the loss of bone and fat that occurs with age.* As you can see from the above before and after photo, the result is natural-appearing and smoother.*  The patient appears to have a more youthful, oval shape of the face.*  The cannula technique that is used at Celebrity Laser Spa ensures virtually no bruising.*

 Sculptra for Hand Rejuvenation

Sculptra is an alternative to Radiesse for hand rejuvenation.*  Bony, veiny hands can appear gnarled with advancing age.  2-3 treatments of Sculptra can provide long-lasting improvement in smoothness by causing the skin to thicken, resembling significantly younger hands.*

Sculptra® pricing information

# of vials Prepay Price (per vial
1 799
2 699
3 or more 599
0% Financing

Sculptra F.A.Q.’s

1. How long does Sculptra last?

At least 2 years.* The longest study lasted 26 months and showed no decrease in improvement. *

*Results may vary; no guarantees.

2. Who performs Sculptra injection at CLS?

Our Physician Assistants perform the Sculptra injections.

3. Are there any side effects?

Infrequently, there is a risk of nodules or papules in the skin. These may occur within a few months but sometimes a little over a year later. They almost always go away on their own. For this reason, Sculptra should not be injected in thin skin areas under the eye or in the lips.

4. What areas are best for Sculptra injection?

Sculptra yields best results when used for deep volumizing in areas that have thicker skin.* These include the cheeks, temples, and jaw. Sculptra should not be used around the eyes or in the lips. *

5. How much Sculptra do I need?

It is difficult to know how much you will need before your consultation. The older you are, the more Sculptra is usually required.* Someone in their 30’s may use 1 vial, while someone in their 50’s may use 3 or 4.* Also, repeat treatments are typically recommended at 6 week intervals, usually at 1-2 vials per visit.*

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*Results may vary; no guarantees.